Answering Asked Questions

We want to take this opportunity to explain a couple of things to those individuals who ask questions about the things that they would like to know.

Please, remember we are here to educate, as well as, assist in planning and prepping. With that being said here is what you should keep in mind when asking questions:

  1. We will always answer any question that is asked of us;
  2. No individual(s) answering questions for Freedom From Servitude means to imply any level of disrespect when answering question no matter how strong of an answer is given;
  3. We will not argue with you over any question or answer given;
  4. All answers given are to the best of our knowledge and proven experience;
  5. Very rarely do the questions asked have a simple “Yes or No” answer to it;
  6. All answer will have an explanation with them;
  7. It has been proven that giving an individual the opportunity to think about what they are asking, more times than not, allows them to understand the answer better;
  8. Some answers will be given in a manner that will allow you to answer for yourself based on the knowledge you already have (Common Sense); and most importantly
  9. There is NO DUMB OR STUPID QUESTION ASKED, the reason for this statement is because THE ONLY DUMB QUESTION IS THE ONE THAT NEVER GETS ASKED, because you will spend a lifetime not knowing the truth.

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