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Freedom From Servitude, cares about protecting the constitutional rights of “We The People.” Freedom From Servitude has been helping private citizens for over 20 years now. With an 85% International success rate, our educational materials can help you as well..…. Use these Introduction Forms, and You Can Get Started Today!

This information is collected solely for the use of our contractors and the protection of of your privacy. Please, ask a representative how today!

Use these Introduction Forms to Get Started Today!

You will need To Attach This Introduction Review Cover Letter For Starting All Administrative Procedures

Review Cover Letter

Are you going to be helping a loved one? You will need the following General Power of Attorney Form to protect all parties partieinvolved.

General Power Of Attorney

Are you in need of professional legal help ?

Freedom From Servitude is an education and document preparation business. This is NOT a law firm, are representatives are not members of any bar association(s). We do not and cannot give legal advise, that’s for lawyers and attorneys. Again, we specialize in educating Private Citizens of their administrative rights and constitutional remedies for damages upon the natural born living person as they pursue freedom from involuntary servitude. 

All of our material is based upon the administrative and commercial law(s) which can be used worldwide. Your success depends on how well you use the information provided. Remember, as a private citizen nobody can “re-present” you in any legal matter. You are required to study everything for yourself and speak for yourself should you need it be needed at anytime in your life. Freedom From Servitude cannot do it for you or your loved one. We can only help! For more information, please, contact our office today.