Freedom From Servitude

We care about the rights of private citizens and take pride in serving them through good and bad times. At Freedom From Servitude we have a record breaking amount of won cases with an 85% success rate, and we can help you as well..

Are you in need of professional legal help ?

Unfortunately, Freedom From Servitude (FFS) is an education and document preparation business only. We are NOT a law firm of any kind or in any manner. Though some of our staff and contractors do have paralegal and law degrees none have ever desired to take the state bar exam. Here at FFS we specialize in educating Private Citizens of their rights and remedies for damages upon the natural born living person as they pursue freedom from involuntary servitude. 

Once you register and login to your account you will have access to some of the services and educational materials offered here at FFS. This list is short as there are so many possibilities as to the educational material you may require. Feel free to ask about anything you are looking for that may not be listed. We hope to hear from you soon.