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Freedom From Servitude is Here to Help Secured Party Creditors With Their Private Administrative Remedies

Freedom From Servitude is “Helping to Resolve Involuntary Servitude Issue.” We help to create a solid foundation with a multi step program designed to first establish the Secured Party Creditor private citizen status change. Then goes on to establish all necessary facts using Conditional Acceptance for Value (Proof of Claims). Next course of action is the Debt Audit and Debt Note Retrieval Process. Finally, correcting the damages committed against a man/woman using a Tort Claim. Some may have heard of the process referred to as Private International Administrative Process (PIAP for short). What this is intended to do overall is Investigate, and void illegitimate or unfounded burdens initially placed in error. Please Note: All parties must first have all pertinent documents reviewed to determine eligibility.

Is Freedom From Servitude a Law Firm, Lawyers or Attorney’s?

Freedom From Servitude associates/contractors are not attorneys, lawyers or anything of the sort (Nor do we want to be!). Although, at times we do subcontract with both attorneys and paralegals to guarantee we can offer the best possible educational materials. Freedom From Servitude educates private citizens of their lawful administrative/constitutional rights and assists with document preparation used in enforcing said rights.

Are These Processes Illegal/Unlawful

Freedom From Servitude offers Administrative and Commercial Law remedy information. Although controversial in some circles, these remedies are in no way illegal or unlawful. Like any tool, they can be used for their intended purpose to create or abusively for destruction. It is not the intent, of Freedom From Servitude, for the information or materials we offer to harm others. Freedom from Servitude does NOT condone actions which violate the Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness of others. If your future actions are seen as a threat to others, we CAN NOT help you. Freedom From Servitude reserves the right to discontinue services. Misuse of administrative tools will inevitably harm you and/or the name of freedom.

Where Do I Begin?

Freedom From Servitude Is Here to Help Secured Party Creditors With Their Private Administrative and Commercial Remedies. The first step of obtaining valuable educational materials is the review process. In this part of the step we review all documents needed for the Remedy For Relief portion of your process. Please Download the Review Cover Letter from our Form Page and have it available when you contact Freedom From Servitude to find out what documents to submit.

Our Services

Freedom From Servitude Is Here to Help Secured Party Creditors With Their Private Administrative and Commercial Remedies. Our representatives are prepared to assist with a wide variety of administrative and commercial issues. These include, but not limited to, Redemption, Becoming a Secured Party Creditor, Remedy for Release, Remedies at Law, Debt Relief and Child Support Relief   To Learn More About Our Services Go to Our Services Page

Freedom From Servitude administrative remedies are usable worldwide

Freedom From Servitude can help no matter where in the world you are located. We assist with educational materials, and examples of documents for public notice of those rights. Our representatives are constantly educated in international administrative and commercial remedies. This allows for everyone to be up to date with current amendments to practices, and procedures.

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