Services and Materials Offered

Freedom From Servitude cares about the constitutional rights of “We The People,” and take pride in assisting them through the good and bad times with these Services and Materials Offered. With an 85% International success rate, our educational materials can help you as well. Please, be advised this is a short list of the things we have educational materials on. If you are in need of something not categorized here, give us a call and ask a representative what we have available that may help your specific need.

Do you have child support related issues? We show you how to pursue your administrative remedies outlined in the LAW.

Do you have a criminal History or have an incarcerated loved one? We have information that can be helpful in getting your remedies in law.

Do you have issues with identity theft or trademark copyright infringements? Ask How we can help?

Debt Relief paperwork

UBOT means – Unincorporated Business Trust Organization

A UBOT is the equivalent to a public citizens LLC except, it is not governed by state statutes and regulations therefore, it does not get approved or denied by any state government agency. For more information on how to establish your private business give us a call.

Want to have your family name and reputation restored to right standing? Our Redemption Services can help do just that

Do you know the best way to protect your assets? Ask a representative how we can help protect what you have worked so hard to get

Your Remedies For Release begins today with these helpful tools

Becoming a Secured Party Creditor is about much more than just financial freedom. It is just step one to a life of completed and total freedom.

Debt Relief paperwork

Call and ask what information we have to help you with your past debts for anything from credit cards, to repossessions, foreclosures, and even medical bills.

Do you have back tax issues like liens, levies and threats of garnishments? Our trained professionals can educate you how to handle these issues in commerce.

Are you an SPC and still not getting the results you desire with your administrative remedy procedures? We can help you with understanding why! For more information, please, call, and ask for an consultation to learn more.

Are you in need of professional legal help ?

Freedom From Servitude services and materials offered are for education only. We are NOT a law firm of any kind, and our representatives are NOT bar association licensed attorney’s. Freedom From Servitude is experienced in a wide variety administrative remedies. Please, feel free to contact Freedom From Servitude with any questions or concerns you may have. We will be delighted to help in any manner we can. To Learn more about what materials Freedom From Servitude offers, please, “Contact Us Today To See How We Can Help You With Your Administrative Needs.”