How do I get the quickest response from Freedom From Servitude?
The quickest way to get a response or in contact with someone is to Call directly at (740)675-9109 and you will almost always get a live answer or call back the same day. The second quickest method to receive a response is to e-mail, please keep your e-mails short. Honestly the shorter the better and preferably in numbered format if you have questions or requests as such: 1) …. 2) …. 3) …. We do not answer questions by letter, all letters will be responded to with an request to be contacted by a designated Power of Attorney (POA). As letters are slow and expensive to send we no longer process Q&A in this manner. As well, many times they are difficult to read from penmanship and snail mail always take longer. Please expect a response by mail to take at least 3 weeks. For all of the up to date contact information please see the contact us page here:

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