Can any of the members here can provide testimony of success, remedies or vouch for a certain process?

Yes, all of the processes work, if they are executed properly and in the alotted time. With that being said, the chances of success at the first level is very slim. What that means is, more times than not, the first decision handed down will have to be appealed. In some cases you will have to go to the Supreme Court or the International Courts. Don’t let this discourage you, they are testing your knowledge and you willingness to go all the way. Let’s face it, if you quite, they win! At the same time, if they quite, you win!
Success with any of these processes is entirely up to you. Be patient and willing to go all the way and you will have success. Again, having the right paperwork, is only part of the process. Having the knowledge of how to use it is key.

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